Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Black Friday Deals in 2022: The Best Sale

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Black Friday

The Best Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Black Friday in 2022

If you’re in the market for a new oven air fryer combo, the breville smart oven air fryer black friday deal may be worth considering. This oven has been highly rated by consumers and is available at a discounted price this Black Friday. 

Breville is a famous high-end brand for appliances. The Smart Oven Air Fryer by Breville is a combination kitchen appliance that not only functions as an oven and toaster but also includes convection cooking capabilities. It’s perfect for those who want one device capable of doing it all!

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Black Friday

It has all of Breville’s patented cooking technology inside and combines these three abilities into one easy kitchen appliance with an advanced digital display screen for the ultimate convenience in your home!

The Smart Oven Air Fryer has a variety of cooking presets and can even be used as a normal oven. It’s also available in several colors, so you can choose the one that best suits your kitchen. Don’t miss out on this great breville smart oven air fryer black friday deal!

Benefits of Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer 

Breville has come up with a new innovative technology Air fryer the smart oven air fryer. Here are some advantages of the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer. 

  • Time and Temperature Control

You can set time for up to 30 minutes and temperature is between 200°-400°F (90°C -200°C). The optimum cooking time and temperature will be displayed on the screen every time you select options in the menu.

  • No Preheating Required

There is no requirement for preheating if you are using this product, it takes 180 seconds to reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit from a cold start is very impressive. If you are using this product for the first time, it will ask you to set the time and temperature according to your recipe or food. 

You can also use the smart settings which are based on the weight and thickness of the food item

  1. Smart Bit Detection Technology

This smart oven air fryer detects bit when inserted in the fryer basket and shows red color in the crumb tray to easily distinguish between food and bit. 

It has a unique hood that keeps all these inside and doesn’t release any harmful substance into the environment. Beneficial for health-conscious people who want to eat homemade fried foods.

  • Steam Cleaning Feature

For the steam cleaning feature, you need to add 2 cups of water at the bottom of the oven wait for 5 minutes for the steam to get generated, and then use a soft cloth or paper towel to wipe the inside of the oven. 

It takes only 5 minutes for this feature, so you can quickly clean the oven without any hassle.

  • Weight Loss Feature

The smart oven air fryer has a weight-loss feature that allows you to cook your food evenly on both sides by rotating the basket automatically so that it cooks uniformly. This function is very beneficial.

  • Rack Positioning Technology

If you are having difficulty in placing an item in this product, rack positioning technology (RPT) helps you in easily putting a bit into the feeder tray with help of laser light.

  • Auto-Shut Off Feature 

You need not worry about turning off the timer after food is ready, if you are busy preparing other dishes the product turns off after 60 minutes.

  • Safe to use

It has a cool-touch exterior that ensures the safety of your family members. The cord is retractable which keeps its neat look and reduces clutter on the kitchen countertop. 

This product comes with a 1-year warranty so you can easily purchase this by paying one time without worrying too much about the maintenance cost of the fryer. There is also a 10-year limited warranty on the heating element so it guarantees the least amount of hassle-free cooking for the next decade.

Factors To Consider Before buying Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Black Friday

There are many things you need to cosider before buuing a Breville Smart Oven air fryer such as price, coupons, size, design, counter space, your recipes, quick-cooking color.


Price is the first thing you need to consider when buying anything. You may not want this appliance if it is priced way out of your budget. You will also want to take into consideration whether there are any specials or coupon discounts you can use on the product. Some websites even offer free shipping for spending a minimum amount of money.

  • Coupons: Don’t forget to consider about the discount and promotions progam, you can save a lot of money from it. Especially, you can save at least 10% for breville smart oven air fryer black friday deals. 


The smart oven airfryer size are in 0.8 cubic ft for the standard one and 1 cubic ft for the Pro version. The Pro model are larger with the capacity for loading up to 9 slices of toast and fit 9×13 pans wwhile the standard models are smaller whihc can load only 6 slices of toast. 


Consider how much room you have available before deciding what size Breville smart oven air fryer you should buy. The more room available in your kitchen, the more likely it is that larger appliances will fit comfortably. Make sure all aspects of this appliance’s measurements work with existing spaces and appliances in your kitchen.

How much counter space do you have available? The more free counter space available, the better room you will have to bake things without them getting overcooked or burned. This appliance works by circulating hot air around food which cooks things faster than normal, so it does use quite a bit of counter space when opening and cooking something inside.


Design is very personal, everyone has their preference on style for appliances. You may want to fit in with the rest of your kitchen’s design or you may want it to stand out or reflect your personality. 

Either way, make sure you are satisfied with how the Breville smart oven air fryer looks before buying. If it is available in multiple colors, that can also be a deciding factor.

Your recipes

The recipes and size of meals you cook will determine just how much counter space this appliance uses when opening and cooking something inside. 

You may not want to buy this machine if most of your food is prepared in a larger slow cooker or stove-top oven. Making wide pizzas might be difficult if there isn’t enough room to cook them with all the parts inside.

Quick cooking

How long things take to cook in this appliance will depend on what it is you are cooking and which functions you choose within the Breville smart oven air fryer itself. 

Breville are noammly can cook shorten times up to 30%. For example, the frozen chicken ready within 8 minutes, instead of 12 minutes as normal. 

All basic ingredients like potatoes, vegetables, and meats can be cooked in minutes with little preparation time needed for best results. Deep frying is also an option that many people use, but that may require a bit more time and preparation.


This appliance comes in multiple colors to choose from, so make sure you get what you want. If the Breville smart oven air fryer is an addition to your other appliances, make sure it looks like a good fit and blends well with existing appliances’ colors and styles. 

The colors for it include the stainless steel , sea salt, oyster shell, royal chanpagne, etc. 

There are even some recipes out there for painting this appliance (or parts of it) if that’s something you want to do.

Some people prefer to use their current stove-top oven or slow cooker when cooking certain things because this appliance does not have very many preset temperatures and timing options available within its controls and setup menu. 

It does offer lots of versatility in how long things take to cook because the speed at which hot air circulates them is controllable by the user, but it uses more counter space than other appliances.

Where to Find The Best Black Friday Appliance Deals Online?

This is the best time of year to find deals online for the Breville smart oven air fryer. Many retailers such as Walmart, Target, and Best Buy offer great deals on this appliance during black Friday so especially breville smart oven air fryer black friday discounts, they are worth keeping an eye out for. 

Look out for coupons and signup discount offers from these retailers or any that sell this appliance before you buy it to save even more money. Best online places to buy cheap appliances:

Amazon is a good place to start looking for deals on appliances like this because there are lots of sellers selling them at various prices and with various shipping options available. It is easy to compare price differences between sellers and see which ones offer free shipping or free store pickup (for local buyers) when shopping online through Amazon.


As you can see, there are several different Breville smart oven air fryer black friday deals available this year. It’s up to you to choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. We’re here for any questions or concerns about these ovens or how they work in general, just contact us!


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